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Trump ‘lynching’ comment on impeachment probe is condemned as key witness testifies — Reuters: Top News

U.S. President Donald Trump likened the impeachment investigation into his dealings with Ukraine to a “lynching” on Tuesday in a tweet that drew condemnation for his inflammatory reference to decades of killings of thousands of black Americans.

Trump ‘lynching’ comment on impeachment probe is condemned as key witness testifies — Reuters: Top News

National Geographic appears to go all numinous again

Disney owning The National Geographic. This is news to me me. It has turned pretty boring and crappy to me. One of the reasons I cut the cord.

Why Evolution Is True

UPDATE: Al added his own version of National Geographic, below:


In the past few years I’ve posted sporadically about how National Geographic magazine, which is now owned by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Media conglomerate largely by The Walt Disney Company [since March] has been writing about religion, spirituality, and other numinous topics, and, disturbingly, in a way that seems to make things like the existence of Jesus and God credible (see, for example, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). This is, I suppose, a way to attract subscribers, but it sure has eroded the reputation of the magazine, which used to be in almost every American home.

Now reader Al Lee has called my attention to a new issue of the magazine, although neither he nor I have read it (it’s not online). Have a look at the cover and…

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The Birth of Netflix.

Blockbuster had originally laughed at Netflix’s Fifty million offer.

I first started subscribing to Netflix long before it started streaming movies. Now Netflix is the King and Blockbuster is no longer around. Maybe they should have taken their offer seriously.

The Pros and Cons of Drinking Coffee if You have Diabetes

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