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Retired 67 years old, Baby Boomer, College Graduate, father, grandfather. All Rounded person who loves people from all walks of Life. Anti-racist, who believes that all people are created equal in the eyes of our creator. History and Science fanatic. Friendly and never judgemental. Used to be on WordPress, and now looking to engage with others. I am about all life

Chief Cook of the House Back again

With this Covid -19 isolation, I find myself searching for meals to prepare for my family and I mostly use Pintrest because of the wide variety of meals that can be prepared in 30 mins. This chicken casserole is so easily made with a few ingredients.

Here is something I have known for a while, that some ingredients that I need, are always not on hand. Therefore, I often have to be more creative and use what I have on hand and still the recipe comes out better than I anticipated it would.

Fortunately, I had all the ingredients to make this one work.. So give it a try,

According to this study Medical Marajuana shows little effect on Congetive Skills–little-support–for-cannabis-impacting-cognitive-abilities&