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Chief Cook of the House Back again

With this Covid -19 isolation, I find myself searching for meals to prepare for my family and I mostly use Pintrest because of the wide variety of meals that can be prepared in 30 mins. This chicken casserole is so easily made with a few ingredients.

Here is something I have known for a while, that some ingredients that I need, are always not on hand. Therefore, I often have to be more creative and use what I have on hand and still the recipe comes out better than I anticipated it would.

Fortunately, I had all the ingredients to make this one work.. So give it a try,

Tuna Casserole

I am the primary cook in my family and one of my pastimes is creating and cooking recipes that my family and I enjoy. I get a lot of inspiration fro another post of interest when it comes to trying to plan meals for the week. I got this recipe from another blogger from a blogger I follow.

Here is one of my favorites, though I must admit I have a tendency to change ingredients when that is all I have on hand at the time I will do the same with this one. I will let you know how it comes out.